Who we are

NACOMEX, the leading computer appraisal specialist and expert witness consultancy, has been providing USPAP-compliant computer valuations, forensic computer appraisals, depreciation schedules, residual value forecasts, litigation support and expert witness services to corporate and governmental clients since 1987

Meet Robert Zises, ASA,
Senior Testifying Expert

What we do


Present-day, Retrospective and Prospective Valuations of Computer-related Equipment

Civil Disputes

Expert Witness Testimony, Dispute Analysis, Deposition Consulting

Criminal Disputes

Expert Reports & Testimony, Critique of Opposing Experts, Dispute Analysis

We specialize in appraisals, forensic and marketplace issues

- posted by R. Zises


Specializing in appraisals, forensics, and marketplace issues, NACOMEX takes a team approach to large projects. Teams are headed by a highly credentialled expert who may, if necessary, act as the testifying expert. NACOMEX has managed all size projects from landmark ad valorem tax litigation to narrow criminal hardware issues. The company boasts an outstanding track record achieved in all projects involving computers and the computer marketplace.


3 Reasons for our Success Both in Court and Out

- posted by R. Zises

There are three main reasons behind the company's favorable results:


First, is the knowledge and experience of the people we assign to each project team. Our Professional Staff consists of Accredited Senior Appraisers, market specialists, statisticians and researchers that work on electronic equipment cases day after day. Our Technical Staff consists of top-notch programmers, computer and network engineers familiar with virtually every aspect of a case.



Second, is the credibility that our real-world market experience and wealth of evidentiary data has earned us over many years of specializing in computer valuations Our value conclusions are invariably supported by our extensive proprietary database of verified actual sales observations. We bring this in-depth experience and vast library of critical transactional evidence to each project. As a result, our analyses, opinions, conclusions, reports, and testimony carry added cogency in the Federal, State and local courts in which we have appeared.



Finally, as Senior Accredited Appraisers and members of the American Society of Appraisers, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards known in the profession. The outstanding track record we have achieved in all our projects, from landmark ad valorem tax litigation to "true lease" test cases, is a reflection of our hard work, careful analyses and dedication to our clients